Wednesday, February 25, 2004

A bit more about two of the girls from my Big Box O' Love, since you asked:

AS was a penpal I had around 1988 and 89. I had guest-edited a Monty Python zine I subscribed to, and she wrote me to say she enjoyed it, and we ended up writing back and forth for a while. A virtual girlfriend, even before CP.

CD was a girl from my high school newspaper class. She was fun, and smart, and would pee herself laughing when I did my imitation of that song from Dirty Dancing. Around April, I asked her, since we were good friends (I even made sure to use the "friends" qualifier), if she wanted to go to the prom. She had a quick spasm, then a bout of nervous laughter, before politely declining.

Fine, I thought, no problem. I asked, she said no, the end. I went to the prom with WB.

But there was one more dance that year, the "luau." Towards the end of that, a slow song was playing and I was kind of wandering, seeing if there was anyone around I could ask to dance. I spotted CD across the room. She spotted me, not realizing I had spotted her--and she turned and hid.

Was I interested in her? Hell yeah. Was I, like, devastated that she didn't go to the prom with me? No. A little disappointed, especially since I ended up stuck with WB, but life goes on. Did I feel two inches tall when she did that? Well, who wouldn't?

Epilogue: I ran into CD about four years later, one night at Shari's after Rocky Horror. By then, I had been through enough that I had forgiven her and put the incident behind me. But when I ran into her, you know what she did? She shook my hand. Not even a friendly hug. Even KW gave me one last kiss. But apparently I wasn't good enough for a girl who had worked at KFC for four years.

Besides, it was her friend TF I was more interested in.

Copyright 2004 Rich Bowen

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