Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Changed the format of the page. I decided this one was a little less korny.

Being new to this blog thing, there are some basic functions that still elude me. Eventually I'd like to be able to add a comments system, to know whether or not anyone has actually read this thing, but even before that I'd like to be able to add a hit counter and/or email links. If you want to impress me with your blog smartiness, email me.

Now, on to what will be a semi-regular feature; My Patented Guide To Minor Spelling And Grammar Errors That Make People Look More Ignorant Than They Are. MPGTMSAGETMPLMITTA for short.

Having mellowed with age, I no longer fly into a murderous rage when I see people make minor-but-glaring errors in spelling and grammar. They do still irritate, though, since they can make an otherwise perfectly intelligent and reasonable individual look, well, More Ignorant Than They Are.

So I'll be bringing some of these common errors to you, in a non-judgemental fashion, along with the proper spelling or usage.

Lesson 1: "I could care less." e.g. "I could care less about Janet Jackson's nipple."

Think about the logical meaning of this. The point of the phrase is to indicate a complete lack of interest in a topic. Paradoxically, though, the phrasing--COULD care less--indicates that one DOES care, to a certain degree, and is capable of caring less.

This is an accidental combination of two expressions; "I could care," and "I couldn't care less." Both of those indicate a complete apathy for the subject in question, and are much more effective. The former, in particular, lends itself to creative adaptation, such as the line "I could give a shit," from the movie Heathers.

Any other common errors that get on your nerves?

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