Tuesday, April 06, 2004


God of the Grey

Scott put this in the comments but I thought you all deserved to read it. Once again, sir, you sum up a situation much more eloquently than I.

I could not really register the situation for a little while. Until I heard it on the radio I thought it was another one of those hoaxes that went around every six months to stir the water.

I got home just in time to flip around on the television and hear Rush Limbaugh [who should now be seen as the eternal hypocrite] call him a worthless waif of a human being.

That night at at the Dee's cafe on State street in SLC the guys behind me, just as emotional as I spoke of how Kurt had gone on to become the God of the Grey.

See, The good guy above was the God of the holy, and satan was the master of the wicked, so Kurt had lived this rough life to become the God of the grey.

Now, as I am preparing to do the "Richard Lee was Murdered' SHow on public access I think of how it does not matter how Kurt's end went down. It is clear that it went down, and we would do best to remember that by whatever machinations there are out there in the universe, no one gets away with anything. And we all get to enjoy the music of a truly dedicated and gifted group.

So now I can look at the music or even entertainment industry with a bit more knowledge than I had before Kurt kicked the doors down.

I knew that the system was a big machine, but Kurt really showed how it operated with little regard for true magic. Each musician is capable of greatness, but when they rely on hocus pocus instead of really focus, we get this bumper crop of recipe music. Two parts harmony, nine parts imitation of past flavour, and a heaping of corn syrup.

I thank Kurt for everything he did right. And that was a lot.

Thanks Rich,
Peace within,

Copyright 2004 Scott Lindsley

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