Monday, April 26, 2004



So, got windows reinstalled with no significant problems. I am not by any definition a l33t h4x0r, in fact my m4d sk1llz pretty much $uX0r, so it was nice of them to make the process pretty much idiot-proof. The only hangups were in backing up a 2 gigabytes worth of downloaded comics, 8 gigs of MP3s, half a gig of video files, and a gig of pr0n.

Okay, time to leave the l33tspeak at Fark.

So, yeah, try backing all that up with a CD burner that works less often than the Millennium Falcon's hyperdrive, while my wife just wants to know when she'll be able to play The Sims again. Now that it's done, time for the fun of going through all my backed-up warez installation files and figuring out what's what, from files with names like "a32en193" and "wc2k1_62." That's l4m3r, d00d.

Copyright 2004 Rich Bowen

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