Monday, May 17, 2004


Yesterday's Tomorrow - Today!

For years, Disneyland fans have dreamed of a "Yesterland Pavilion" inside the park, with VR recreations of defunct rides like Adventure Through Inner Space or the Mine Train Through Nature's Wonderland. Well, Der Maus has no plans for such a thing, so some fans are taking it on themselves.

The Adventure Through Inner Space Project and Virtual Toad are CG recreations of these beloved rides, slowly being handcrafted by fans in their spare time. They've put enormous amounts of effort into these labors of love, and I'm looking forward to seeing the results.

I'd like to see more projects like this. Someone has to keep the memory alive of how Disneyland used to be, especially with the current management seemingly determined to run the place like a frickin' frackin' Six Flags.

Plus, I have a fantasy of buying a used Atommobile, mounting it on a gimbal, and being able to ride ATIS at home whenever I want.

ATIS got hit with an extra bandwidth bill after being linked to by the excellent Danny's Land, though I don't think my link will cause a similar problem.

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