Wednesday, June 02, 2004


The Drew Carey Show returns!

Tonight, with new episodes.


A lot of people, if they've given it any thought at all, thought TDCS had quietly buggered off sometime in the last two or three years. Well, yes, it did, but it's due more to some unprecedentedly bad treatment by ABC, than to any decline in quality.

Yes, the show took a blow when Christa Miller left to join her husband Bill Lawrence's show Scrubs (though it was very good news for Scrubs, where she's been doing some great work). Around that time, ABC started moving them around the schedule, always a sure sign that they've lost faith in a show.

Sometime in 2003, The Drew Carey Show finally went off the air, but--and this is the unprecedented part--new episodes continued to be produced. The show was never officially cancelled, since there was one more season left in the show's contract. For the last year, the Drew Carey Show has still been in production, with the ninth and final season scheduled to be burned off two at a time, starting tonight.

Now, I've seen some of the recent ones repeated on TBS. The premise has changed, with Winfred-Louder going out of business and Drew going to work for a post-bust internet company. And the changes take some getting used to, but you know what? It's not bad. Worth a look. And, I'll wager, so is the final season.

Check it out.

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