Friday, June 11, 2004



I need to change my habits. I'm close to becoming spherical.

For a while, when I first moved up here, I was doing great. I was off my vices, I was in a new setting that I wanted to explore, and I was walking Shelswick to and from work every day, just under two miles there and back, twice a day. I was in...well, I was pretty fucking far from fighting trim, but at least I could get dressed without having to put on my pants, then take a rest and catch my breath before I attempt to put on my shirt.

Even while I was in film school I would have a bit of a walk to my bus, then a bus ride, then another walk from the bus to the school. And at least I'd be moving around, doing stuff.

Since graduation, though, I seem to spend most of my time in front of the computer, not feeling any urge to go out because, let's be honest, there's fuck-all to do in Richmond.

We have one of those dirty, evil exercycle machines, and I occasionally hop on that. And most days I force myself to go for a walk, though a lot of times that ends up not happening because I just HAVE to burn a new CD to listen to as I walk, so I go through all the preparations, defragging the hard drive, restarting, closing my antivirus program--and then the fucking thing STILL doesn't burn, and I end up listening to an old CD, mentally railing against a universe that finds me and disk-based digital data storage incompatible.

(give me a break. it's late and my brain's not working properly)

But on the plus side we may be moving in July or August. Slightly more space, by the beach. Smores every night! Plus it has a gym that I can find new excuses for not using.

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