Wednesday, June 02, 2004


Let There Be Lips

The following comes from the comments section, posted by Jack, who was a regular audient for the most of my time at Rocky Horror.

"So, how I remember the night when John left..."

"As I was the person dating Dannetta at the time I think I'll have a decent memory of that night..."

"As I remember there were a few things happening that night. I seem to remember that Danielle had been playing Columbia and the night before John's last night she had stared at me through her whole floor show and it PISSED Dani off to no end. She wasn't mad at anyone but me. (She was a bit unstable and had quite the temper."

"That night I dealt with a crazy jealous person because I "seemed to enjoy the attention too much". So the next night she was still a bit pissed about the night before and it was a day of change. When it came time for the bedroom scene she looked right over at me before she "went down". The scene started and I was fine with it. John, however, was not. He was a few feet away from me when it happened. I didn't look at him at first, of course, because I was watching my girlfriend in a teddy (with a swimsuit under it)."

"Well, John let out his line and I looked over at him and his face was twisted in agony. Now remember that John had a thing for Dani that was beyond unhealthy. She knew it and because of that she wouldn't be physical with him as to not lead him on (err... Well, she did enjoy the attention). He never, to my knowledge, spoke of this, but she knew and she'd sometime discuss some of the things he'd do for her."

"Anyway... He wasn't happy about it and tried to play it off as a joke. He came over to me and said, "Your girlfriend is violating that man." or something similar and I was like, "Yeah. It's her part to play."

"He wanted ME to get mad. Oh well. I wasn't going to. I was fine with it. Plus, it looked a lot better than kneeling beside someone. "

"Duh-netta and I never really talked about that night, but needless to say she wasn't pissed about Danielle anymore."

Copyright 2004 Rich Bowen

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