Monday, July 26, 2004

Back to Canada. Will be leaving Chris and Angie's shortly.

I'm especially proud of the fact that we haven't checked our messages since the 16th, at a time when our landlord is wanting to show our soon-to-be-vacant apartment. Or more accurately, calling us and telling us to show it for him, since he can't be arsed to schlep out there himself.

"can't be arsed." I love that phrase.

Actually going to be busy-ass for a change. There's moving, painting the new place, getting otherwise unpacked and settled in, getting the new components into the computer (and thank you all for those), post-production on Working Stiff, and capturing and encoding about 20 Movie Geek show episodes.

Now the trick is stretching all that out until I get my Canadian residency.

*sigh* gotta go. Shelswick is done packing and it's time to load up the van.

I REALLY want to stay in Seattle.

Copyright 2004 Rich Bowen

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