Tuesday, July 27, 2004

So it turns out they're STILL cleaning the new apartment. The landlady says we may be able to get in by thursday. Or we may not. Who can say such things?

Gotta call the current landlady and see if she'll give us an extra day to clean. It's not like people are clamoring to get into this place, apparently.

Wanna get your heart pumping? Try driving from Seattle to Vancouver in a van whose brakes are suddenly going bad. It was stop-and-go traffic from Shoreline to Lynnwood, and it was only my jedi piloting skills that kept us from rear-ending a delivery truck that stopped abruptly.

And for the first time, the border guard almost didn't let me back into Canada. I was sent to the Immigration office--she misinterpreted the phrase "does not authorize re-entry" on my Temporary Resident Permit to somehow mean that it PROHIBITS re-entry to Canada. The guy in the Immigration office took one look, shook his head, and wondered aloud why she was wasting his time.

TODAY--back to the packing, followed by trying to rent a moving van.

Copyright 2004 Rich Bowen

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