Thursday, August 12, 2004


It's a holiday now?

So, the other night we're watching TV, and one of those "what's happening around town" segments gives the date for some event as "the day before september 11."

So, september 10, then? We started to wonder why they would phrase it like that, like it's christmas eve or something. Then, being The Guy Who Goes Too Far, and The Wife Of The Guy Who Goes Too Far, we started riffing. (stop reading now to avoid an aneurysm)

You see, in the first week of September, you put up models of the twin towers in your living room. Then, on "September 11 Eve," the kids leave milk and cookies out just before they go to bed. Then, during the night, if the kids have been good infidels of the Great Satan, Osama comes and destroys the towers, so when the kids get up in the morning, they can get at the presents Osama left inside.

Hey, I told you to stop reading.

Copyright 2004 Rich Bowen

Buahhhh haaaa haaa! It's things like this that make me realize I'm not alone in my freakishness. I love you guys. :)
After reading that, I went to sleep, and wet myself.

Make the voices stop.

Hi Ralph.
So are we gonna have a contest to name this holiday?

I vote for saint satans day, sounds catchy and think of the tourist trade. We could have the walls emit olive oil, and we make pankakes with it.

You serve deviled eggs while listening to Bush read a book on tape called, 'bush, the shrub years'

SOund like a holly good golly wolly holiday.

Ralph, is that you again?
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