Tuesday, August 10, 2004

The revised list, continued:

2. Paint the bedroom. This will consist of the following:
2.1 Score a nice bargain on mistinted paint that's pretty much exactly the blue we wanted.
2.1.1 Buy rollers that promise "One Coat Coverage GUARANTEED!"
2.2 Wash walls with TSP while Wife and Wife's sister go get sandpaper.
2.3 Wife's Sister insists that walls must be sanded BEFORE TSPing.
2.3.1 Smack Wife's Sister.
2.4 Wait for walls to dry, then sand.
2.5 Wash walls with water, screw the TSP.
2.6 Begin painting.
2.6.1 Hmm, the paint looks awfully patchy.
2.7 Continue painting. As the previously painted areas dry, they look patchier and patchier.
2.8 Yeah, this looks like shite.
2.9 Realize the rollers were for the wrong kind of wall.
2.10 Briefly panic, then regroup and think of a new plan.
2.11 Make plans for second coat. Realize there's only a quarter can of the blue left.
2.12 Try mixing with light blue we got from Wife's Parents.
2.13 Add other colors to try to match blue, end up with weak purplish-gray.
2.14 Wife's Mother suggests Bagging.
2.15 Try bagging, using the purple we bought for the trim.
2.16 Become elated with the effect, begin bagging the whole room.

Which is where I am now. Did two walls yesterday, then stopped to let the room defume so we wouldn't have to sleep at Wife's Parents house again. I'm on a break as I write this, with about a third of the remaining two walls left to go.

*sigh* back to it, then.

Will post pics. If you ask nicely.
Copyright 2004 Rich Bowen

Oooh! Oooh! Post pictures! I wanna see! I'll post pictures on my blog of the new fence if you do. ;)
Okay, but I gotta get the camera back from the in-laws.
Welcome to the world of home improvement. It gets worse before it gets better. Or you just give up for a year until you forget FLAMING HAMMER why you aren't doing it, then you start again. Repeat. Wow. TSP. Fumes. Not sleeping in your house. Ahh, the memories. Let's do it again, like we did last summer!

I plan on attacking the baseboards upstairs again, now that I have a regular job, and not the copious amounts of free time I had and should've FLAMING HAMMER used to do tasks like this
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