Thursday, August 12, 2004


Singer goes to Distinguished Competition

So, you may have heard that Warner Brothers drove a dumptruck full of money to Bryan Singer's house and hired him to direct the long, long, long-in-development Superman movie.

This is, of course, great news for Superman. Singer's X-Men movies worked for precisely the same reason that Richard Donner's original Superman did--it was set in a believable, almost mundane world, rather than an overly art-directed, umpteenth-homage-to-Blade Runner environment. With Singer at the helm, I'm confident that some fantastic work will be done on Superman before the inevitable meltdown.

Sorry if I seem a bit pessimistic, but since 1996, we've had rumors of Superman Lives, based on the "Death of Superman" storyline, written by Kevin Smith and directed by Burton, Batman Vs. Superman by William Peterson, a Superman written by JJ Abrams (Alias), directed by McG, then Brett Ratner, then McG again, before the inevitable meltdown. So at this point, I'll stick with Smallville for my Superman fix.

Meanwhile, Fox has decided to get pissy and fire Singer from the X-Men franchise, which can only be seen as bad news all around. (yes, I know that there are some vocal critics of Singer's X-Men movies, but most of those are of the "Wolverine should be short, and Rogue's not a teenager" school of Marvel zombiehood, so they can be safely ignored, and occasionally mocked)

There's been no mention from Fox of Singer's replacement, though rumors have been swirling. I've been holding off on mentioning any of this until we heard something, ANYTHING, from an official source. Well, today we've come close.

According to this story on, Joss Whedon, the fan-favorite choice to take over, "would LOVE to do the third film (hint hint, Fox)" if it was offered to him.

Whedon definitely has the chops for it: he did an uncredited rewrite on the first X-Men film (he contributed the famous "you're a dick" exchange), and is currently writing Astonishing X-Men for Marvel. Though I doubt Fox has had any serious thoughts about offering it to him yet; Whedon is currently directing Serenity, based on his canceled series Firefly, and since that one has no stars (well, apart from the black guy from Barney Miller), the success or failure of the flick hinges pretty much entirely on Whedon's name.

More to come.

Oh please, oh please, oh please...let Joss have X-Men. That would be SO cool. No. Scratch that. Give him a Buffy movie. I miss the Buffyverse. :(
Hell yeah, a Buffyverse movie, but I doubt a Buffy movie could happen, thanks to a certain skinny blonde prima donna.

I still want to see a series with Giles, Xander and Andrew trying to rebuild the Watchers Council, tracking down new Slayers, and dealing with hardliners (there'd have to be other survivors) who are intent on doing things exactly how the old council did--and making the same mistakes.

And the Big Bad? Picture the scene...

Fred kneels over the dying Wesley. As he takes his final breath, she changes back into Illyria and walks away. Hold for a moment on Wesley, lying still. But he still breathing? Could he still be alive?

Enter...Drusilla. It's Siring time.

Think about it; Wesley, normal? Scary. Wesley as a vamp? Cancel Christmas.

But either way, Joss needs to direct more movies.
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