Monday, August 23, 2004

So last night was the first "Meet 'N' Greet" with the new Vancouver Rocky cast. They're a good bunch, but one thing was a bit disconcerting; Jessi, the director, has been doing it since 1986 and is, like hardcore. And our Brad has been doing it for ten years (though that means he STILL didn't get into it until after I retired). From everyone else, though, I was hearing a lot of "...and this is my first year doing Rocky."

Still, once we get the blocking down I think we're gonna do a good show. To include as many people as possible, a lot of parts are being doubled up. So Magenta changes right before the dinner scene, while the two Columbias are switching off scene to scene, meaning that one gets to do "Time Warp" while the other gets "Hot Patootie."

The switching off of parts means that I may or may not also be playing Dr. Scott; I magnanimously offered to give it up to include more people, fine, but the kid playing the Criminologist is now trying to take it, which would mean I'd take over as the Crim, which is kind of...hmm. But the director would rather go with the traditional "Eddie also plays Dr. Scott" paradigm. We'll see.

Copyright 2004 Rich Bowen

Director? You did say director, didn't you? did. Twice in fact. Someone's suffering from delusions of grandeur. Though I should cut some slack, as I had my own share of delusions back at Lincoln Plaza. Didn't we all... ;)

So will this be on Halloween night only, or what?
It could be pointed out that, for better or worse, there have been many Rocky casts that were much more organized than we were. Maybe a director would have helped. Anyway, she's been into it since 1986, been to several conventions, and met and gotten autographs from almost the entire movie cast. So I'm okay calling her director.

As for the date and time, see the blog...
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