Monday, August 09, 2004

So some revisions to the initerary:

1. Strip wallpaper from bedrooms and living room.

1.1 Discover peeling paint on bedroom wall after removing paper.
1.2 Begin stripping paint from previously papered walls.
1.3 Immediately stop stripping paint when drywall paper starts coming off.
1.4 Briefly contemplate calling landlady.
1.5 Consult some websites about our problem.
1.6 Decide not to call landlady until after I go to Home Depot.
1.7 Receive instructions from amazingly hoopy froods at The Depot.
1.7.1 Seriously, anyone reading this who works at Home Depot will receive
prolonged and highly skilled oral sex. Offer void in Utah.
1.8 Sand down edges of dampened area.
1.9 Patch damaged area with drywall mud.
1.10 Apply a coat of primer to the entire room.

2. Paint bedroom. Oh, that it were that simple...

Updates to come.
Copyright 2004 Rich Bowen

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