Thursday, September 09, 2004


Call It a Comeback, The Presidents of the United States of America vs. Themselves, by Sean Nelson (09/02/04)

After the success of their first album, I was shocked how quickly people seemed to turn on The Presidents Of The United States Of America; KNDD stopped promoting their 1996 Seattle Center concert (which was full of teenage dilettantes who were just there to hear "Lump"), and most appallingly, Rolling Stone declared that "every dollar the Presidents make is a dollar out of Weird Al Yankovic's pocket" Daaaaaayumn!

So you will acquire and enjoy PUSA's new album, Love Everybody. You will pray for forgiveness for ever having turned your back on this awesome band. This is not a suggestion.

And you will see them in concert, september 29, at a benefit for John Kerry. They were in Vancouver last month and I didn't find out about it til a week later, dammit.

Use this URL to get to the article:

I can't wait to hear Love Everybody. I've ordered my copy and it should be arriving soon. Yay!
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