Tuesday, October 26, 2004

So, here's what's been done to the computer since we got it:

Added CD-RW drive (sucked, later removed)
Added ethernet card for DSL connection.
Added firewire card
Added various hard drives: 1.5gb left over from old computer (Basically just enough to shift some files around when I was burning a CD)
60gb, to store music, video, and Adult Diversions
Recently removed the original 20gb, made the 60gb the C: drive, and added a 160GB for ultra-super-happy media files
And just yesterday, added 256Mb of RAM to the existing 128, and FINALLY replaced the CD-RW with the DVD-RW you guys gave me. I'm pleased to report that so far it works like a dream--I have a new Best-Of-Shatner CD for the car and last night I burned and watched a download of the latest Desperate Housewives.

The bad news, though, is that Shelswick had been looking forward to the added RAM and DVD drive so she could play The Sims 2--and now it turns out that our graphics card is too weak. Gah.

Still, I couldn'ta done it all without everything I learned from messrs. Mowrer and Bridges. Your kung-fu is the best.

Copyright 2004 Rich Bowen

Way to go Richmond!
Way to go rich! (also this is a test to see if I can actually post.)
So... I might have a graphics card that you could pick up cheap... What do you have now and what do you need?

Right now it's an Intel 82810E. Tell me what kind of graphics card it is, and I'll see if it's on EA's "approved" list. Or you can check the list yourself at, ahem:


Also, RAM I just installed doesn't actually seem to be working. The system check in Sims 2 only seems to read 128 megs. In a bit (I've got something encoding right now), I'm gonna shut down and switch the 2 chips. Anyone know if that will make a difference? I'll keep y'all posted.

And thanks again :D
I think I have an old GeForce 2 or 3 collecting dust somewhere that you could have. I'll look around.
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