Wednesday, October 06, 2004

So yesterday, I'm right in the middle of something when the computer suddenly shuts off. Annoying, yes, but nothing that hasn't happened before.

Except that it's not coming back on.

I try going to safe mode. Nothing. After several more attempts, I finally get a message that a particular system file is "missing or corrupted." So I put in the recovery disk. Recovery doesn't work. The only option is to reformat.

I don't want to lose all the stuff (emails, bookmarks) on my C drive. Fortunately I have the shiny new 160gb hard drive y'alls gave me for my birthday. I pop that in and install windows on that.

So, there's the 20gb drive that came with the computer, which is apparently infected. Then the 60gb drive I added later, with all my files on it, and the new 160gb drive. You know the game with the three cups and the pea? I'll be playing that over the next few days, only the cups will be drives, and the pea will be data.

Oh, and if anyone (Mr. Bridges, I'm looking in your direction) knows what the hemorrhaging FUCK caused this I'd be grateful.

Copyright 2004 Rich Bowen

It sounds similar to something that has happened with my tablet pc a couple of times (except that it would only happen when I booted up). Helpdesk at work had to walk me through it and it was a matter of taking a copy of that file from the Windows CD to replace the one on the harddrive.

I think you should be able to change the jumpers for the 20 gig from master to slave and hook it up to the system to copy your files down. I'll give you a call. ;)
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