Sunday, December 12, 2004


I'm testing a new photo-posting thingmy. Feel free to ignore Posted by Hello

Holy crap! Look at those miscreants! Rienhard, Rich, and Tony. Quick...which one of these boys would go on to be a felon? Which would join the army? Which would marry a Canadian?

I'll make you a post more and I'll start posting old photos too. ;)
What the hell is your shirt for? "How ya feelin?"

I also find the sign you're holding very telling of your future habits. And if I'm not mistaken Tony's sign "coach" had similar significance.

Who took the photo? Where is it at? When was it?
Wow... Tony married a Japanese girl. I know that. Big surprise...

*sigh* can open, worms everywhere...

The "coach" thing comes, apparently, from an old TV movie called "The Pigs Vs. The Freaks," about a football game between cops and hippies. Tony Randall (stay with me here) played a character called "Coach Cannabis," which led to T&R calling weed "The Coach."

The combination of the signs is a reference to the Smiths song "Ask." Part of the chorus goes "if it's not love, then it's the bomb, the bomb, the bomb the bomb that will bring us together." T&R's version was "if it's not bud, then it's the coach."

Look, Tony emailed me these pictures about a year ago, I needed something to test the new software with, and I thought that'd be funny, so I'd appreciate y'all getting off my case, aight?
Oh, and I bought my T-Shirt in Barbados. Behind the sign was a cartoon rastaman.
Yay! I made you look like a tit again. Just wait until I get around to posting some photos. Muaaaah haaa haa!
Mr. Mowrer... Your blog hasn't been updated for MONTHS. I don't think Rich is too worried. :)
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