Saturday, January 22, 2005


Boys and ghouls of every age, wouldn't you like to see something strange...

So, with all the talk about Tim Burton's new adaptation of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, his other current project has kinda fallen under the radar. So I was taken by surprise the morning when I found a link to the first trailer for Tim Burton's Corpse Bride.

I could be cynical about the fact that this is a stop-motion feature specifically made to showcase Tim Burton's macabre design and storytelling--sound familiar?--but let's be honest; we've been waiting over ten years for a real Tim Burton movie. Ever since the box-office failure of Ed Wood our poor Tim has gone from pop-iconoclast to director-monkey, making shitty movies because Hollywood finally told him, "look, gothboy, you want to make movies you better start doing what you're told."

(And quit telling me that Sleepy Hollow was a Tim Burton movie. That was every bit as work-for-hire as Planet Of The Apes. I can just picture the suits saying "ah, get Burton, he loves that ghost-story shit")

But Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise is still selling strong after more than a decade, and Ed Wood has been given the special-edition DVD treatment--and it's fantastic, lemme tellya--and Big Fish was the first movie in ten years where it actually felt directed by Tim Burton, rather than an LMD with stringy hair. So I think it's about goddamn time that Tim Burton was allowed to get back to the business of being Tim Burton, wouldn't you agree?

PS The lead character in Corpse Bride is voiced by Johnny Depp. Seriously, they're the new Scorcese and DeNiro.

PPS Snuffy Smith

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