Monday, January 10, 2005

Home from Seattle. Back to the boredom.

So, It's been a few months since my account of my Rocky Horror days, and I'm thinking I'm about due for another long-form piece on here. Here are the ideas that I'm considering:

Continuing the geek autobiography, a history of the Movie Geek Show.

Some of my misadventures in education, when it was decided that I was "gifted" and therefore belonged in a Special Class. And we all know what "special" means.

The summer I spent as a teenage trucker.

Any thoughts?

Copyright 2004 Rich Bowen

I have no preference. Type away!

Any of them would be great, but I'm partial to the history of the Movie Geek Show.
This is totally unrelated...

Do you still have any two dollar bills around your place? If so, can you look at the picture of parliment on the back and tell me if there really is a US flag flying above it?
I vote for the movie geek show. 2nd choice would be gifted ed. Will the great stories ever stop?
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