Thursday, January 20, 2005


So the good news...

is that Tim Burton's two Batman movies are finally getting deluxe DVDs, with trailers, extra footage, documentaries, and commentary.

(Though have you heard a Tim Burton commentary? Lots of "ums", followed by shuffling silences)

The bad news:

"Joel (Schumacher) decided to ask WB to recut "Forever" back to something that resembles his original edit...The extended cut is expected to run around 2 hrs 35 mins. Schumacher is going to add as much footage as possible back in."

You mean there's more? Fucksake, people, at least Forever was remotely watchable, "I'll get drive-through" notwithstanding. We don't need more.

Unless they're extending the shot of Nicole Kidman's skirt lifting as she falls out of the Riddler's cage. That I can get behind.

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