Wednesday, January 19, 2005

So, I'm reading this article by Jim Hill about Pixar-themed attractions at Disneyland, which goes on to note that some factions in WDI are kinda getting sick of the all-Pixar, all-the-time mandate they're being given. In the middle of it all comes this quote:

"That's why so many of us within Imagineering are really pulling for 'Chicken Little' or 'Hitchhiker's Guide' or "Wilbur Robinson' to be huge hits. Just we can then work on something different for a change.

A Hitchhiker-themed ride? Marvin meet-and-greets?

How about a real Restaurant At The End Of The Universe, with a giant LCD screen as the ceiling (like Fremont Street in Vegas) so we can watch the universe explode while we eat?

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You bitch! I tried to post about this earlier, but blogger errored out on me.

I agree about the HUGE slew of Pixar rides (Let's see..."It's Tough to Be A Bug", "A Bug's Land", "Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters", the Monster's Inc redo of Superstar Limo (recently greenlighted), and the possible Finding Nemo redo of the Submarine Voyage). But you have to admit that the the Incredibles E-Ticket with the Robocoaster ride system would ROCK!
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