Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Still more fun with site referral statistics: yesterday, three images searches for "Lindsey Lohan" led to site hits. Geez, you make ONE gratuitous post on the girl's 18th birthday, and suddenly the place is porn central. Here ya go, ya pervs.
a redhead with a lightsaber.  This can't be good
Rather more disturbing is the (Sweden?) search for, believe it or not, klaun. I know that the word isn't German, or at least it's not German for "clown," so I'm vexed. Especially since it led me to this.
Copyright 2004 Rich Bowen

Gwaggle! Who's up for seeing the remake of The Love Boobs...Butt...BUG! I mean The Love BUG!

That doktor klaun site...what the fuck? He's really not trying very hard on the klaun front (where's the clown white?), and I don't buy this guy as a doctor for a second. Creepy orderly who feels you up while you're asleep, sure. But not a doctor.
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Yeah, I know we're bad, bad people...but goddamn, how could you not want to hit that? Especially if she brings the lightsaber.

Hey, what's this "post has been removed by the author" shite? Only Das Klaun may remove posts!
Don't pop a gasket was just an accidental double post. Stupid wireless internet connection. :P
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