Friday, April 15, 2005

To every season, turn turn turn, or something like that. I ain't good with metaphors.

Important news #1: by this time next week, I'll be a real boy. Next thursday morning, I have my interview with Canadian Immigration which, barring some random final hoop they make me jump through, will FINALLY grant me my Permanent Resident status. I'll finally be able to get a job in Canada, which, I'm told, means I should apply at the Blockbuster Video across the street.

Important news #2: Just when I was settled in to being set-monkey for Guys and Dolls, the whole thing has been whacked in the rump with a stick. The big kind.

Sara and Greg, I may have mentioned, work for Princess Cruises. They spend about three-quarters of the year running shows on cruise ships. Then they get their annual extended vacation, and what do they do? They go to work on Guys and Dolls at the Metro. Now THOSE are people who love their work. And they're damn good at it, too. I've learned more about the crew end of things in the three weeks I've been working with them than I did in five-odd years in Tacoma and Seattle. Plus they're a lot of fun to work with.

Unfortunately, this vacation has been cut short; they got called on wednesday to fly to England today to start building the next round of cruise ship shows.

I can't fault them at all for leaving. This is their job, after all, and they get paid a metric buttload for it. On the other hand...*sob* don't leave! *whimper*

The one upshot of all this: Sara was crew chief. I've worked closely with her through the whole run, and I'm the only person who's been there for every show.

Wednesday afternoon it was "so, Rich, I guess you'll be doing Sara's job."

Wednesday night it was "Rich, I guess you'll be de facto crew chief."

Thursday afternoon it was "Rich, I guess you're acting crew chief."

Thursday night: Meet the new official Crew Chief.

Can I go back to set-monkey?

Copyright 2004 Rich Bowen

Better yet... Can they get you cheap cruises? :)

Damn, I didn't think to ask about that!

Ironically, they work for Princess, the same line I won a cruise from on The Last Word. Sadly my ship, the Sky Princess, has been decommissioned, and was apparently one of the ghetto ships anyway.

Sara showed us a DVD of one of the shows from her last ship. This one had sets, fog, lasers, and riverdancing. Riverdancing! The Sky had eight dancers and a band. Wink Martindale has a lot to answer for.
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