Saturday, April 02, 2005

Week 2 of Guys and Dolls proceeds apace (at least I assume it does, since I'm not quite sure what exactly "apace" means). Did you know that Marlon Brando starred in the movie version? I can't see that at all. But Sinatra played Nathan Detroit, and that I can get behind. I also didn't know the song "I Love You A Bushel And A Peck" was from this show; I always thought it was some old kiddie song. And Shelswick confirms that it was covered by Sharon Lois and Bram (or maybe Raffi, or Tim Noah, but really, what's the fucking difference?), so I'm not TOTALLY assbraining.

We're well into our ongoing game of Crew Roulette now. To wit: Mario from the stage right crew is busy this week, so Greg from stage left has gone over to the other side. He spent a night training Seamus Finn, who looks and talks just like you'd imagine a Seamus Finn to look and talk. But Seamus was apparently only there for one night, leaving Greg and Janos alone the rest of this week. Mario is back next week, but Janos is gone.

On stage left, Greg's defection has somehow left me as the "experienced, knowledgeable" one, so it was down to me to lead Jen, Greg's temporary replacement. Fortunately, Jen has done this before, and has picked things up quickly. Plus she's been coming up with dirty lyrics to the songs, and she looks like Michelle Trachtenberg, so stage left has been a fun place to be this week. Naturally, she's only there this week, so last night we started training her replacement. His name is also Greg, which gives us two Gregs, a Rich and a Richard, a Sara in the crew as well as a character named Sarah, and roughly eighteen Andrews, at my last count.

I relate all this because I know it is of utmost importance to you all. Message ends.


Copyright 2004 Rich Bowen

I want the sub-rant! This is great! It's like the Cliff Notes version of the DCU. ;)
Damn I'm an idiot. I hit the wrong comments link. Grrr.
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