Monday, May 30, 2005

There's a common practice here in Vancouver, of spotting local locations used in the trillions of movies and TV shows filmed here, and laughing at what's standing in for what, like the Art Museum being used as Metropolis City Hall on Smallville. In that spirit, I was watching the pilot last night for Grey's Anatomy, an ABC show set at a hospital in Seattle.

Being the pilot, they splurged and shot some location stuff in Seattle, including a scene where a helicopter lands on the roof. The exterior of the building was not shown, but it was in the shadow of the Space Needle, clearly making it the KOMO building at 4th and Denny.

What really made me laugh was that, being on ABC, I'd bet money that some techs down there at KOMO were watching at the same moment, having a good laugh at their station being repurposed as a hospital.

I hear Hawaiians love spotting locations on LOST, as well.

Copyright 2004 Rich Bowen

Yeah... I saw the same thing. I was like... Uhhh... That's a TV station, not a hospital!

I like doing the same thing for Vancouver shows, too. My favorite was when X-Files was supposed to be happening in Niagra Falls and they used the old Niagra Falls hotel that used to be in downtown, complete with neon waterfall and everything. Good use of existing location!

That's why I'm looking forward to the Fantastic Four movie. I passed by their crew a few times when they were filming downtown, and it's gonna be a kick seeing how much of Van we're supposed to believe is Manhattan. I'm certainly not looking forward to it for the quality of the script, acting, or effects.
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