Sunday, May 22, 2005

Two things have become clear. One, that there is something in here my orange adversary is after. Two, our feline friend is most definitely insane.

The game is afoot. May you prove a worthy nemesis, you mangy little wannabe-Crookshanks. Posted by Hello

UPDATE: It's just after midnight and the little belgium is still at it. I swear the meowing is taking on threatening tones.

Thing is, I even tried to feed it, against my better judgement. I put down some tuna, and it completely ignored that, howling at the door. It's been at it all day. I think I'm losing it. I even spent ten minutes reminding myself that this cat is not Shelly, my ginger-haired kittykat, transmogrified into a ginger-furred moggie by some impish wizard. I'm still not convinced.

I'm fine, why do you ask?

On the plus side, I posted pics of the cat to the "random" image board on 4Chan, and now "the stupid cat who's been hanging out on my patio all day" seems to be the new meme, accompanying pictures of other cats, anime kittygirls, furries, XBoxes (don't ask), Hitler (Ibid.) and Michelle Trachtenberg.
My cat did that, and then just stayed forever, it's a complete moron but just won't leave! Watch yourself!
But IT'S NOT MY CAT! It's just some random sack of feline protoplasm that has imprinted on my patio!

It's now eleven o'clock monday morning. It's still there. It's up to something.
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