Friday, July 22, 2005

And now it all becomes clear.

Yeah. Read about this on Slashdot this morning.

Interesting theory: US right wingers is behind the bombings in London so that it's easier to remove the freedoms that they hate so much.

Reguardless of the truth of that theory, from now on whenever I talk about "terrorists" I will be talking about Republicans.

Regardless, as you say, of the truth of the London theory, how is "Shock and Awe" different from terror?
We have given war powers to the president of the most powerful nation on the earth (in terms of death power not in terms of value or potential for harmony)

We have a monarch that can, and does, have the power to invade every country, e-mail, web site, blog and HE has the power to define what the enemy is.

And he uses those powers too. This is not a hollow threat to our liberties, it is a complete lack of respect and an abuse of them.

He he would sacrifice liberty for safety, should not be in office.

My liberty is not his to offer up to his gods of power.

It dan't wark that woy.

This is why I act[ivist] the way I do.

Because this approach to Politics is NOT acceptable.
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