Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Overheard in Seattle

Feel free to post your own!

"This is from Devo, whatever that is."
Woman who was old enough to know better, at the costume display at EMP

"This nigga be beefin' me."
Gang member relating an anecdote to his homies at Pacific Place

"You guys are like, my super best friends, but she's like one level below that."
Airhead to her airhead friends at Urban Outfitter

"Yeah, I would do a Willy Wonka costume to wear to the con, but then everybody would be like, "that's not anime," and there'd be ten people with the same costume, but none of them would look as good as mine, because I pay such close attention to detail."
The annoying cunt sitting behind us at Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, the one Mowrer rightly told to shut up

Copyright 2004 Rich Bowen

But was the airhead hot?
I would not have hit that, no. Maybe up the butt, but there's a lot of airheads I would do up the butt, despite (or possibly because of) the total contempt I hold them in. Jessica Simpson, for example. Ashleeighhhh Simpson, however, I would not.
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