Saturday, July 02, 2005

(Since saturday mornings bring out my inner 11-year-old...)

Continuing with the Batman theme, even if you haven't seen recent episodes of Justice League Unlimited, I highly recommend that you watch for the season finale, "Epilogue." It's a standalone story that references both of the earlier Batman series in a very surprising way. No spoilers, but it's very surprising, in that way that makes you wang yourself on the head for not spotting it sooner.

The episode aired two weeks ago in Canada (the one thing I would give Canadian TV over American: we get JLU first, for some reason), which means you still have time to catch it on Cartoon Network. Unfortunately, I can't give you a time or date, since, the vastly inferior successor to TVtome, only shows a placeholder airdate of 1/1/2006. At least I HOPE it's a placeholder. Oh, if only there was some place on the teh inturwebs where you could find it...

And why the hell HAVEN'T you been watching JLU recently?
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