Wednesday, August 24, 2005

You're gonna wanna g'head and click here for what may be some awesome news. Despite JW's lack of involvement (though it does have his blessing), I really really hope this isn't another bit of wishful thinking.

Oh, I hope this really happens. I really want something new from the Buffyverse. Any word on what's happened to the animated series?

Once I burn through the other good TV I have stacking up (Six Feet Under, Wonderfalls, Carnivale, Firefly) I just might have to give the novels and comics a try.
I've tried buffyverse comics on a few occasions. Most of them are hard to read; licensed comics generally have to make do with the writers and artists they can get; Alan Moore wouldn't do a Star Wars comic, for example. Well, bad example, since Alan Moore DID do Star Wars comics, but that was when he was just another 2000AD Script Robot, and not, y'know, ALAN MOORE.

There are a few exceptions, though: Dark Horse did two collections called Tales Of The Vampires and Tales Of The Slayers, written by Joss and other TV writers. These one-off stories filled in backstory on some major and minor characters. There was also Fray, the first comic to be scripted by Joss himself, about a Slayer two hundred-odd years in the future. Remember the scythe Buffy used in season 7? That first appeared in Fray.

IDW is currently doing Spike and Angel miniseries, and while I wasn't impressed with the first issue of Angel, the Spike one is written by Peter David.

Dark Horse has also just started a Serenity miniseries, to lead directly into the movie, and from a plot by Joss.
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