Friday, September 02, 2005


from Craigslist New Orleans:

"I am sorry to here of your loss and suffering. I am a single man an artist who is fun and energetic. I am looking for a single woman 27-35 attractive and fit. I have a small apartment I live close to the ocean there is work here also.
The women in Floirda are shallow so I thought this may be a way to meet someone special. I am a honest decnt man and you should be with no kids or drugs.
Send a picture to me and I will arrange transportation for you. "

"SWM 5-7, slim, athletic looking for SWF who wants to start over in a new place.
My home is in NY but I work in CO right now. Financially secure and open minded. All replies answered."

"I'm a single male, no kids, 5' 8" 140 pounds, athletic. I have a big house in Las vegas. I'm looking for a pretty single white girl. If you've lost your home and you and your family need a place to stay, I can help."

"Firstly, my heart goes out to everyone stranded in the wake of Katrina.
If you're in a situation and looking to re-locate to Denver for a new start on things, then let's chat and see if I can help.
I can start with an outstretched hand that may lead into something long term or just be a good friend.
I'm a forty-one year-old British male that is considerate, passionate, and has a sexy European accent. If you are easy on the eyes, over twenty and under forty-nine, single or maybe divorced and looking to re-locate and even settle down, then I'm here. "

WHEW! I'm sooo very relieved to know all the pretty single, easy on the eyes females are going to survive this tragedy. PRAISE BE TO GOD. I hope those slimy fuckbags lose their crotchmeat to a rogue cheese grater.
hehe I said praise be to god then crothchmeat. hehe
ooops misspelled CROTCHMEAT!
Chris and I came up with what should happen after the cheese grater attacks. A tidal wave of asparagus pee should wipe them out. and their favorite CD's or something.
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