Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I just saw a commercial for that movie Into The Blue. The gravelly-voiced "in a world" voiceover guy quotes a critic saying "Jessica Alba gives a stunning knockout performance."

Jessica Alba gives a stunning knockout performance? No, Jessica Alba wears a bikini. I mean, yeah, she does that well enough, but come on. Come on, "in a world" guy, don't bullshit us like that.

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Men are pigs. Oh wait, I'm one. Nevermind.
It makes me think of when they wrote Cordelia out of Angel, and was filled with messages vowing a plague on Joss Whedon's house, for doing such a horrible thing to Charisma Carpenter, who is such a "talented" and "classy" actress, with "grace" and, um, "class." There's gotta be a name for this syndrome, whereby a female performer is so hot that people simply assume she can act, and are blind to the fact that she can't. "Man, Natalie Portman is such a Cordelia."
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