Sunday, September 11, 2005

Man, working is hard. How do you all do it every day?

The closest experience to this is when I started at the Pay-N-Save warehouse when I was 21, being thrust into hard physical labor after months of inactivity. I eventually got into the rhythm there, and after about a year I was in the best shape of my life. I'm hoping something like that happens here, though I have to factor in that I was a hell of a lot younger and more resilient then, and I'm a lot more out-of-shape now.

One other thing that this job has in common with that one: boots.

Once again, I am required to wear steel-toed boots for my job. That part, I actually kinda like. A lot of people go for the low-key, hiking style boots, where you barely notice the steel toes. Me, I go for the huge, clunky black leather jobs, with the thick, rigid soles that clunk satisfyingly on cement floors and turn my walk into a tough-guy swagger.

Back at Pain-N-Slave, I started out with a twenty-dollar pair of starter boots. When those wore out, rather than buy another pair, I dusted off the huge old army boots I had worn to play Eddie at Rocky Horror. Those were the high kind, that came up nearly to my knees, that I had to tuck my pantlegs into. Between the boots, the forced swagger, and the black leather biker jacket, I apparently cut a rather impressive figure. I was referred to, at various times, as "slick," "Terminator," and, as Mowrer will recall, "The Guy With The Boots."

I have another pair of army boots, again for playing Eddie this halloween. I wore them to work one day and could barely walk by the end of the day. Man, I miss being 21.

Copyright 2004 Rich Bowen

...and I miss the days of active jobs. It's great being a creative professional and all, but sitting on your ass for 8 hours isn't the same as lifting boxes, and walking around all day. So I have to do more "Cardio" workouts after work to appease (sic?) my doctor and his stupid high cholesterol reading. Thank God for ipods. Listening to that insipid bubblegum pop they play at the gym is getting harder and harder to tune out nowadays.

I demand photos.

Boots, straps, leather, caps.

I want a photograph
And a paragraph
About the staff
to make me laugh
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