Sunday, September 04, 2005

"My name is Thomas Vail, or at least it was.

I'm a photographer. I had it all: a wife, Alyson, friends, a career. And in one moment it was all taken away, all because of a single photograph.

I have it. They want it. And they will do anything to get the negative.

I'm keeping this diary as proof that these events are real.

I know they are...

They have to be. "

I LOVED this show. One of my favorites of all time. The ending was kinda lame, but it was still a great show. Very Prisoner-esque.
And the best part is, now I don't have to go through the kerfuffle of encoding all those episodes I downloaded yonks ago. I just freed up 6 gigs on my hard drive.

I can't wait to hear Lawrence Hertzog's commentaries. I wasn't much of a usenetter when the show was on, but I understand he was a regular in
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