Wednesday, October 26, 2005



Haunted Mansion Holiday. Churros. Space Mountain. Getting a retro-styled bucket hat with my name embroidered on the back. The bathrooms by the train station in New Orleans Square. Ragging on annoying families with gaggles of screaming crotch-monkeys. Fantasmic. Electrical Parade. That store on Main Street where they do the window dioramas of Disney's latest release.

I'm, like, unreasonably excited about getting swanked up for the Blue Bayou. For weeks I've been looking for a basic black blazer--and here's the tricky part--in my admittedly absurd size. Then yesterday, I go into this thrift here in Richmond that I keep forgetting about, tucked away at the back of a vast network of strip malls, and come out with a suit for under thirty bucks.

It's not black. But it's absolutely perfect. I guess I should say something about how you only find what you're looking for when you stop looking for it, but that would be trite, and anyway, that was the plot of LOST last week.



Oh, hey, opinion poll: Pipe or cigar?

Copyright 2004 Rich Bowen

I wanna go to disneyland! :(
Eeeeee!!! I need to be there NOW!!! I have my crinoline all ready.
Hmm. I'd say pipe for a Bob Dobbs/Ward Cleaver feel.
And that shot of you, me, and the mouse is one of my favorites. :)
So with you and Shelski, that's two votes for pipe. Unless someone else chimes in, pipe it is.

I love the Mickey pic too, and the one of Shelvert where she's sick of having her picture taken. We need to pool all our D'land pics and videos so everyone can share in the goodness. Maybe on Flickr?

One week now. I've been having long, involved dreams about the trip. It's funny, when I'm excited about something impending (like a trip, or a new Star Wars movie), I tend to dream about it, but unlike the other things, the Disneyland dreams are NEVER as fun as the real thing.
I think the shared pool of pics is a GREAT idea. Flickr sounds pretty good to me. Anyone have a better suggestion?
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