Sunday, November 20, 2005

So, many of you have read at least parts of this; even more have heard me blither about it over the years. It's time for me to shit or get out of the kitchen.

You Are Here is a series of TV scripts, that may or may not be for TV. It's about a certain time in your life, that gray area between adolescence and adulthood (an area in which many could argue I'm still stuck), when "the rest of your life" ceases to be an abstract concept and becomes something you actually have to think about in concrete terms.

The seeds of You Are Here were planted in 1992, with "Lifestyles Of The Rich and Ferris Bueller," a short that me, Mowrer and a couple other friends at the time shagged together over the course of a weeklong vacation. I got to thinking about where the story of Ferris, Cameron and Sloane could go from there, and around 1994 I realized that my ideas had gone far beyond what John Hughes started in 1986; rather than simply continue his work, I should take my ideas and make them my own.

After several years of my customary hemming and hawing, I wrote the first of these scripts in 1998. Season one was completed by the end of 1999. Season 2 took me until 2004 to complete, despite containing many of the moments that had sat fully formed in my head since the beginning. Five of the six scripts for the third and final season were banged out in the past year, strangely enough. The sixth and final episode is in very slow progress.

So I've been living with this story since I was the same age as the characters. It's time to start making it happen. To kick things off, I'll be posting the first three scripts, which form a nice little introductory story before things really get going. I'll also be discussing my ideas for ways to get this thing made, in some format. What I want is critiques on the scripts, as well as feedback on my production ideas. And, y'know, I hope you enjoy them.

1-1: Cock Rings Of The Gods
1-2: Daydream Believer
1-3: Drama, or, Conversations With Kevin

Copyright 2004 Rich Bowen

Sweet! We should shoot this sometime. (I mean film it, not put it out of its misery.) I've read part of episode III so far. Rawkin!
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