Tuesday, December 13, 2005

So if you haven't heard, or were wondering about my girlish screams of semi-orgasmic delight, I'll soon be joining Chris' team at the Very Big Corporation Of America. Geez, what kind of country is this where you can't visit someone for a weekend without being offered a job?

I kid, of course. This is without a doubt the biggest, most life-changing thing that's happened to me since, well, ever. I gave my notice at the Tool Corral today, so as Paul Frees likes to remind us, there's no turning back now.

I'm really making an effort to not think of this as the happy fairy magic that will instantly make my life perfect. As the tall bald Texas guy always says, "The onlah one who can change yew, IS YEW!" The fact is, I haven't been handed a panacea, I've been offered an opportunity to get my shit together, and now it's down to me to keep it together. My philosophy is that there's nothing wrong with being offered a helping hand, but when you are, it's your responsibility to use that to pull yourself up.

Okay, self-help crap ends.

I get to come home. I get to live in a city with more than two movie theaters. I get to rent at Scarecrow Video. I get to eat teriyaki. I get to have TiVo. When I go to KFC I get to have mashed potatoes. And for the woman who's believed in me for the last five years, through getting fired from a shite casino job, through sitting on my ass surfing 4chan while I was legally unable to work, through self-image crises so regular you could set your watch to them, I get to live up to the potential she saw in me.

Man, I hope I don't fuck this up.

Copyright 2004 Rich Bowen

Wow. We were talking about this at lunch yesterday. I'm excited. I'm going to go from seeing you once a quarter, about, to once or twice a day. Wow. Freakin' wow. That's awesome. Welcome!
Yeah, you say that now, but once or twice a day is a LOT of Richmond.
"man I hope I don't fuck it up."

Yes, all is fine now, but you never reckoned about the "Christian Factor." I will do everything in my power to make your life miserable at every turn! I will throw up roadblocks and...

All kidding aside, I'm so excited for you! What kind of country is this where you learn Photoshop and then get a job at the best little big company on earth? And of course my theme song for this job is from Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts (pant pant, fingers sore) Club Band album: "I get by with a little help from my friends". :)

Now please go forth and enjoy some of the best stuff I know of in this mortal fold: A couple weeks off knowing you have a sweet job lined up. Oy!
And WTF? There's no teriyaki in Canada?
I can't wait for you to start chief. In fact, just yesterday I was saying to myself "damn, I really don't want to do this crap work...I wish Rich was here so I could give it to him." Hee hee hee. ;)
That is the worst part... You get the stuff that Mow thinks he's above doing.
not to mention the potential others see in you, Shelleswick is not the only one you know. Your first wife and his wife believe in you. sheesh.
"That is the worst part... You get the stuff that Mow thinks he's above doing."

Uh oh. Is it too late to bail?

"Your first wife and his wife believe in you."

I'd tell you how much that means to me, but I'd get all squishy and then...*sniff* ah geez *sob* here I go...I LOVE YOU GUYS!
We love you too Richmond! Now hurry up and get here...I'm too excited to sleep!

Oh, and make sure and let me know if you've heard from the agency yet.
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