Friday, February 17, 2006


I'm not exactly in the mood for Mozart and all that kind of goings-on

Ever wonder what I was listening to as a kid, when I should have been listening to rock and/or roll? Take a look here.
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Ok... So, your title... Are you quoting InSoc or are you quoting some sort of obscure source that they sampled... I mean... InSoc is, err..., obscure to some people, I suppose, but I'm wondering what they sampled if they sampled anything. :)

I realize I'm a geek, yes.
Er...I don't know what InSoc is. So I guess that's a "no."

The title is a line from one of the Spider-Man stories, when Peter Parker has to ditch Mary Jane to go and switch to Spider-Man. It was also a sounder on KNDD during their first year or so on the air, which is why it stuck in my mind.

Man...Or Astroman? is also big on sampling Power Records, with quotes from Batman stories appearing in "The Joker's Wild," and another one whose title eludes me.
Okay, just twigged that you meant Information Society, in which case I might have been quoting HACK and not realizing it, because I used to listen to that one a LOT.
Okay, you're right, I was remembering wrong; it wasn't an End sounder at all, it was at the beginning of "Peace And Love Inc." right?
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