Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Back at work this week. But I'm keeping the option to bail.

My leg is still nowhere near back to normal, but it's less scary than last week. I'm able to actually get out of bed in the morning, rather than lay there for fifteen minutes preparing myself for the pain, sitting up, putting my leg on the chair by the bed, getting used to the pain from that, then slowly moving myself down onto the chair with my leg on the floor, experiencing a whole new set of pain from that, then finally hoisting myself to my feet, bracing myself on the table, and hopping across the room, moaning like a crack baby every time I put any weight on it. So, progress.

It occurred to me that if this had happened at any other job, I would have been screwed; leaving aside the issue of having to stand in one spot all day, there's the simple fact that a vast majority of employers operate on a simple principle: when someone calls in sick, assume they're screwing off.

Shit, at the framehole they took it as read, and made no secret of it. One manager used to say that if we were sick, we should come in anyway, to show him we were sick, and if he decided we were sick enough, THEN he'd let us go. That backfired on him when the medicine I was taking for my carpal tunnel syndrome was making my anus bleed. He took my word on that one.

It was also how I got fired from the first casino. I called in sick, next thing I know John "I Give Herpes To Babies" Pruitt is in my face, sneering that he could hear me trying not to laugh as I pulled one over on him. I'll grant, that the new management was looking for excuses to replace anyone who predated their regime, so if not that it would have been something else, but still...

(And on a side note, yes, I know I make a policy of not slagging anyone off by name on here, but John Pruitt is such a sleazy piece of shit that he's a special case. I'll repeat, just to make sure this shows up in searches: John Pruitt Is A Sleazy Piece Of Shit Who Rapes Kittens)

So, yeah, it's nice to be at a job where they treat you with a minimum of basic dignity, and don't proceed on the assumption that you're trying to put one over on them. Though between this and my bout of intestinal distress last month, I'm kinda done being sick for now. I'm really not looking forward to seeing how small my next paycheck is.

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