Friday, April 14, 2006

Hello there. Still alive. We're fine here, everything's fine. How are you?

So, yes, somehow some kind of bacteria got into my leg, and since monday my right calf has looked like that of a burn victim. I went through a series of tests and exams early in the week which told me...that my leg is infected. And that it's not a blood clot, which is, admittedly, a relief.

My kittykat has already told you about how this affected our trip to Victoria last weekend (it can never happen, say, while spending time with Oma), and by the time I got home sunday night, I was still mostly just dizzy. My mantra that night was "one night in my own bed and I'll be right as rain. Just let me get a good night's sleep and everything'll be fine."

Despite the fact that it took me several hours to get to sleep. Despite the fact that I woke up at the time I was supposed to be leaving, and that the pain in my leg had started in earnest. I sleepwalked (sleeplimped, really) through the morning and fell asleep in a meeting before Mowrer pulled me aside and essentially, told me I was in no shape to be there.

Since tuesday I've been popping two different antibiotics and rubbing steroid cream on the bad area and I'm FINALLY starting to see and feel some improvement. The real fun part is that even as my leg is getting better, my head is getting worse. Though that may just be from being stuck here in the apartment all day; being alone here all week has really gotten me ready to get this place in order.

Thanks to everyone for your concern, and thanks to Chris for bringing some essentials over last night. And no thanks to DirecTV for not being able to install here last week, which has left me scrambling for entertainment.

Copyright 2004 Rich Bowen

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