Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Here's what Michael Bay is trying to pass off as Optimus Prime


*waiting for that cease-and-desist letter from Paramount...*

Copyright 2004 Rich Bowen

Wow that's a scary looking truck. I'd hate to run into that in a dark alley. Even more scarier than the Alien mother me thinks. They should tone it down I think, or the MP3A won't let it through.
Look, Optimus Prime isn't some limp-dicked republican daddy's boy who has to paint himself with flames to look badass. You know why Optimus Prime looks badass? BECAUSE HE'S OPTIMUS FUCKING PRIME, and he will RAIN ENERGON FIRE ON ALL WHO OPPOSE THE MIGHT OF THE AUTOBOTS.

And that includes the monkeyfelching go-bots.
i am scared
Wait a sec, after watching 'an inconvenient truth' this thing looks pretty frickin scary.

So I guess I should go watch 'an inconvnenient truth' before proceeding any further.
Now you know Who Killed The Electric Car.
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