Tuesday, November 28, 2006



Wow, it looks like it's gonna stick around a while, eh? That hasn't happened for a while. When the snow started falling sunday, we rushed home to avoid traffic snarls, and more importantly, to giggle at the news.

The local news is always entertaining when there's snow, and this time was no exception. We watched KOMO for about an hour, during which they filed such hard-hitting news reports as:
-Trees are drooping from the snow!
-A Rite-Aid sign had a light dusting!!
-Some kids built a pretty busted-ass snowman that was more dirt than snow and wore a helmet (leading to lots of "Dirtball The Retarded Snowman" jokes)!!!
-Kramer is still a racist!!!!
-If you stick a pencil in the snow A FULL THIRD OF IT WILL BE BURIED!!!!!

I always find this stuff the most entertaining part of any snow we get around here, because let's face it, usually the stuff doesn't last through the following day. So I say, bring on teh snowz, because we could damn well use some.

Copyright 2006 Rich Bowen

Your call to action broke the snow! WAAAAHHH!!!
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