Tuesday, February 13, 2007

And here's what I have to say about this whole astronaut love triangle business;

First off, yes, she drove 900 miles in a diaper. That's the part the news people keep expecting us to snicker at, but I ain't biting. They wear them when they're, y'know, going into space, so that's no big thing. Grow up, bitches. Beats hell out of a catheter.

No, I'm more concerned about a much smaller detail that gets thrown into all the news reports almost as an afterthought. During her 900-mile bediapered road trip, this woman had the kidnapping paraphernalia, as well as hand-written directions to her lover's house.

Hand-written directions. Hand. Written. This is a fucking astronaut here. She doesn't have a GPS? Hell, this woman could well have deployed one of the satellites. I have a GPS. My sister-in-law has a GPS. You got GPS, you got Google Maps, but hand-written directions is the best she can do.

Is this what astronauting has come to? We used to thrill to the true-life adventures of Space Captain John Glenn And His Intrepid Sidekick Buzz. Now thanks to this useless cunt astronauts are no better than Tonya Harding. Come on, NASA, get it together, for fuck's sake.

Copyright 2007 Rich Bowen

Incidentally, there really is more to come on the Christmas post. I have more to say, once I figure out exactly what words to use to say it.

Nono, it's newsworthy because chicks be sooooo crazzee
Chicks are crazy? THAT IS NOT NEWS.
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