Thursday, March 29, 2007


Peanut Butter proves the existence of God!

Via Wired; follow the link for bonus crazy.

i hate the world.
Wow. Good points. Of course they don't talk about how Peanut Butter can also end life, at least in my house.
Funny story really. The other day I opened this fresh jar of peanut butter and this little guy popped out and started pleading for his life and the life of his children in the bottom of the jar.

I kinda laughed because he was really cute and really long winded and he had this accent I could not quite place, but I'll call it a sweet honey crunch Scottish.

Anyway, he went on and on about how the jar needed to be kept in the fridge because it was getting too warm and some of the other peanut butter jars had a harder time sustaining both flavour and life. He added that the jars were also starting to overflow to which I agreed, "I wondered why there was so much peanut butter on the surface of the jar lid when I peeled it back". He replied the yugurtarians and puddingites had the same way of showing they were there, but no one spoke their language so they were being slaughtered in the digesitive tracts of sweet young children.

I asked him about the odd rings and designs I had found in some of the jars of peanut butter and he said they were unexplained peanut butter circles in the tops of the jars and that no one knows for sure what made those, but they suspect it was the UPBO's.

Long story short I thanked him and proceeded to eat him and feed his young to mine.

What did he taste like???

Peanut Butter.


PS, Rich, I suggest a video response to the original video!!!~~~
Scott, you are insane. Brilliant! :)
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