Thursday, May 17, 2007


So what's with the name change?

Here's what's going on, kids. As most of you know, we're gearing up to make a new pilot for Das Klaun's Klubhaus; the surreal comedy show, not the blog. We plan to go public with this thing, and given posts like this or this, I don't want someone to Google Das Klaun, the show, not the blog, and end up looking at this. So Das Klaun's Klubhaus, the blog, not the surreal comedy show, has to change form.

This site will remain my personal blog, but from now on will be known as Hello Chieftain! and will be located at But that's not all.

This blog will still be the place for all that Tacoma-angst and lefty blasphemy you can't get enough of. But all the pop culture stuff, the five-things-about-Superman and the George-Lucas-apologist will now reside at the brand new site, Junque! But don't go there yet, because there's nothing there yet.

So, to sum up, Rich Bowen's personal demons live at The pop-culture stuff that clogs up my brain lives at Snuffy Smith, y'all.

Welcome to Your new space Dudestar! Keep on rockin it in the free world!
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