Thursday, July 26, 2007


Generation Chickenhawk

The College Republican National Convention: Tomorrow's Unindicted Co-conspirators Today!

wow, if this does not scare the poop out of you, nothing will.
after watching this again, I revise my statement to read, "this scares the living shit out of me!" These kids have no clue and they are ignoring the foundation of the Constitutional laws and respect for all human rights and human life in the shadow of a lie, in the shadow of a dream of world dominance, in the shadow of an evil empire.

Only in histories greatest epic tragedies has such ignorance and hatred been so boldly supported by the minority to cause such death and destruction.

Look at the war machine funded by we the people, in the land where you get the government WE vote for (or don't vote for because we get apathetic).

There will come a point in time where none who gives an ounce of compassion can sit by while the forces of ignorance seek to lead this nation further astray from the original idea of respect for basic human rights to be protected.

Oh wait, that time has passed.

Now we have an even greater task. A more important time to NOT fall prey to ignorance and partisan power grabbing has never existed in America as never before have we caused so much death and destruction and violation of rights, or had more power to cause even greater destruction.

We Must wake up and make a difference.

I was trying to sound like one of those writers from the founding fathers era.
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