Monday, August 27, 2007

It occurs to me (sorry guys!) that I was remiss in hot-linking to this image without giving proper credit to one of my new favorite sites, LP Cover Lover.

You want dubious TV tie-in records? It's got dubious TV tie-in records. You want disturbing, locally pressed religious ballads? Oh, it's got disturbing, locally pressed religious ballads. What's that, you're demanding cheap cheesecake shoring up half-assed easy listening? Well, sahib, this is your lucky day.

It's even got this, for when you're not at work.

Again, my apologies for ganking their images without linking (the internet equivalent of forgetting the reacharound). That's You go there now.

Thanks Rich!
i can't decide between awe and aw...
makes me want to get some ooooold porn and. . . maybe watch it.
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