Thursday, June 18, 2009


Fresh content? On MY blog? It's more likely than you think!

Yes, I've been neglectful again. Yes, I'm sorry. I'm trying to pick it up again, especially with Scott and Debbie moving away. Heretowith, then, a few things that have been on my mind lately:

It sickens me that David Letterman had to apologize to Sarah Palin, but in doing so he's proving himself to be the better person. In pushing the issue, and especially in claiming to speak for "all women," Palin is once again proving what a classless attention whore she is.

Having said this, I will now say that I'm actually trying to back off from the angry-leftie posts. It's hard, though, when the right wing has started resorting to actual armed terrorism to accomplish their goals. I'm not afraid of al-qaeda, I'm afraid of some dipshit who STILL clings to the "Obama won't show his birth certificate" meme deciding to shoot up someplace I just happen to be. And working at the Very Big Software Corporation Of America, I'm afraid of some deranged Ken Hutcherson follower deciding to pull a von Brunn.

And speaking of THAT guy, I gotta say, the apology his son posted is the most incredibly tragic-and-classy thing I've ever read. I can only imagine what it took to stay sane with the upbringing he must have had. At least I have a blueprint for the day my Dad shoots some teenager walking past his house, or one of my brothers shoots someone whose car radio is too loud, or, well, someone in my family shoots someone. Because at this point I'm considering it an inevitability.

Fuck, I did it again.

Okay, moving on to better news, a few keywords:
The Brave and the Bold
Musical Episode
Neil Patrick Harris

Is "heretowith" a word?

Just this once it can be...but sometimes you do have too convoluted a way of speaking.
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